What is the Stick & Win programme?

The Stick & Win programme is a reward scheme through which you gain stickers for purchases of 10 euro or more at Alphamega Hypermarkets. You can redeem these stickers and receive quality products when you reach the scheme’s reward goals.

How can I participate in the Stick & Win programme?

With every 10 euro spent on a single receipt at Alphamega Hypermarkets, you can receive 1 sticker by presenting the QR code on your device.

How can I receive stickers and products?

With every 10 euro spent on a single receipt at Alphamega Hypermarkets, you will receive a sticker. When you reach the number of stickers needed, you can redeem quality products.

Why should I create an account on the Stick & Win app?

With this app you can earn and share stickers digitally, as well as redeem and reserve rewards using your mobile device.

What do I need to create an account?

All you need is to provide your first name, last name and mobile number!

Forgot my password?

You can use the "Forgot password" function on the main screen. You will get a new password via SMS after you confirm your number. After logging in you can select a new password.

Can I log into the Stick & Win app on multiple devices?

Yes, just sign in using the same credentials! However, note that notifications will only be sent to the mobile number that you have registered with.

How can I learn more about the participating hypermarkets?

All Alphamega Hypermarkets participate in the scheme.

Can I share my stickers with others?

Of course! Stickers can be shared and transferred among app users. Just choose the "Transfer stickers" function and type the Receiver's phone number!

What should I do if I transfer stickers to the wrong account?

You should take note of the account you have mistakenly transferred your stickers to and contact us immediately at 77000088!

I would like to redeem a Reward. What do I need to do?

You can go to the Scheme page to choose the reward you want. You can then either choose to redeem the reward for free or with a discount. Once you have selected to redeem the reward of your choice by clicking on the redeem button you will receive a pin number via SMS and a unique Voucher will be generated. You will then simply present this voucher at the store to complete your redemption. This voucher is not a product reservation and we cannot guarantee your product. The vouchers are only valid for the duration of that specific reward programme.

Where can I redeem my stickers/Vouchers?

By reaching the targets set by the programme, you can exchange stickers for a voucher and redeem the voucher for the product you chose at ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets.

Can I redeem paper and digital stickers together?

You can proceed with redeeming stickers either digitally or in paper form. Digital stickers cannot be converted to paper ones, but paper stickers can be converted to digital stickers at all Customer Service Centres. Terms and conditions apply for the conversion.

Can I convert my paper stickers to digital and vice versa?

You can convert ALPHAMEGA paper stickers to digital ones at Customer Care Centres at Alphamega Hypermarkets, by presenting your paper stickers.

Digital stickers cannot be converted to paper ones

Can I transfer my stickers to the next programme?

All stickers collected will be erased after the deadline of each programme, and your total stickers will be reset to 0.

Can I redeem my stickers after the deadline of each programme?

Your stickers are only valid during the period the specific reward programme runs for.

*For further information, visit any Alphamega Hypermarket’s Customer care centre